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Brian Ruhl...

Brian has enjoyed singing since he was a young lad...In fact, he got his start as a first-grader, playing the role of Jack Frost (little did he know of the relationship...nee...6 degrees of separation with the role of an IceHole)...

He also enjoys singing a bit more seriously, as a 13 year member of Vocal Essence, a Minneapolis based chorus.

As a proficient bass singer, it can be difficult to reach some of the more tenor-esque notes required in many Icehole songs, so Brian does his level best (to maintain vocal flexibility) by occasionally imbibing with a Ketel One Martini at his side. Shaken, of course...

Brian chimes-in periodically with his Taylor 615 Birds-eye 6 string-maple Jumbo (out of production now) and plays some harp, maracas and cow bell (don't ask him what his favorite cow bell song is!)

Having been a fan of the greatest Rock-n-Roll music from the 60's and 70's, Brian enjoys attempting to live in the past, by emulating his favorite singer/songwriters, including:

Cell and Chain:
Brian is happily married to his beautiful counterpart, Barbara (who wants to be known as Solvig from now on...) and resides in beautiful downtown St. Louis Park, MN.

His hobbies include: Ice Fishing and Ice Fishing while trolling...


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