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Hiring The Iceholes (seriously)...

The Iceholes are a great fit in many hard-to-entertain situations.  We are a (mostly) acoustic group playing familiar rock-and-roll songs with gusto, bravado and personality. The quality of our song  selections and our focus on harmony and unique interpretation really differentiates us from other bands (and DJ options) and will help make your evening spectacularly memorable.

We do not have a drummer which means we do not require high sound levels to balance our stage sound. We are perfect for all events which include entertainment and the desire for the audience (or attendees) to be capable to "talk amongst themselves" or at least not be driven to the back of the room to hear themselves think.

Our ideal audience-member profile is likely to be 30-60 year-olds who grew up with the classic radio songs of the 60's-70's and yearn to hear them again...stripped down to the chords and lyrics that they remember fondly. Obviously, audience members of any age can share this same addiction/affliction.

The Iceholes are not a Lawrence Welk cover band by any means. We are too raucous for any retirement community and too old-school for First Avenue.  We are also definitely not a folk group, nor are we a 120-decibel, screaming rock band by any stretch of the imagination.  We are unique.  We simply deliver great acoustic-rock performances at any volume requested.

Check out our set list and feel free to contact us for a quote on availability for your next event.  We look forward to working with you!


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