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John Crane...

As the best ice fisherman of the band, John does his level best to keep the other members of the band “in fish” whenever the bait hits the hole.  He not only is into fishing, but also has been known to get up on stage with the local bands in Laughlin, NV and the Florida Keys.

John cut his musical teeth while a teenager in Guelph, Ontario.  (Bet most of you have never heard of that place.)   John bought his first guitar in Ontario after seeing some of the greats in concert there.  Yes and Neil Young at Maple Leaf Gardens, John Entwhistle at the University of Guelph,  and Pink Floyd at Iver Wynn Stadium in Hamilton Ontario.  (One of the first uses of surround sound in a live stadium.  What a trip!)   He was also influenced by a lot of talented people that enjoyed the music of the times.  Many friends played Cat Stevens, Gordon Lightfoot, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Chicago, Blood, Sweat, and Tears, the Guess Who, and a few Canadian bands that you have barely, if ever, heard of.  One particular friend convinced him that he should own and learn to play his own guitar and that was the start.  After that, the influences were more Jackson Browne, Van Morrison, Lyle Lovett, Marc Cohn, Bonnie Raitt, Michael Johnson, and the musical abilities of the other Iceholes.  It is a lot of fun to play with these guys!

John plays two guitars and either one can make their appearance at any time.  He has a 1974 Guild D-40 that is solid mahogany with a spruce top and a 2006 Gibson J-180EC.  He prefers DeAngelico light acoustic strings and often has to put up with comments about it not being a Taylor by other members of the band.  At least one member had to have some originality.

Favorite Ice Holes song:
This one changes from night to night.  I really like “Six Days on the Road” because of its raw energy and the fact that I don’t have to do anything but sit back and enjoy it and also “Season of the Witch”,  because it enables us to ramble on a bit musically.

Anchor to the Earth
John’s wife Terri, (one of the original Holettes), has provided him with beautiful daughters that love to share in the Ice Hole songs.  He also has a lunatic German Shorthair, (are there any other kind?), named Maggie that keeps him busy at home.

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