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Matt Tews...

On the short side of 50, this Icehole bassist and acoustic/electric guitar picker proudly owns the titles of both "youngest" and "rookie" in the Icehole lineup.  Matt first began playing with the group in the Fall of 2004. The Icehole prerequisite folk/rock experience he may have been lacking from his 20-odd years of playing professionally is evenly offset by his knack of finding (or creating) great acoustic arrangements of his familiar classic rock standards.

Matt's main bass is a Marcus Miller signature edition Fender Jazz bass. His other basses include a classic '68 Fender Precision and a 2005 Fender Precision Deluxe. When playing guitar, Matt plays a 2005 Taylor T5 acoustic/electric. No amps are used, as all guitars are run through direct boxes to the monitors and PA.

Favorite Icehole song:
"I've got to admit...a bunch of the Icehole "standards" were new to me.  Learning and playing Heading for the Country, Boardwalk, It Stoned Me, Undun and Tuesday Afternoon have been a lot of fun for me as a bassist. My favorite song is probably Sloop John B. My dad and his family were old-school Lutheran, harmony-bred singers. He plays a little guitar and - when I was growing up - Sloop John B. was one of the songs he played and sang around the house. The guys in the band try to tell our audiences that it is a Beach Boys song.  I always hear it as "the Kingston Trio song my dad used to play."

The following is a list of recordings that Matt did not play on nor support on tour:

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