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Roy Nelson...

Known as The Doctor, this old Woodstocker may be 'reelin in the years' but still has enough gray matter to bring the old classics back to life on his keys and guitar. As a product of the 60s and 70s, his main musical influences include: Crosby Stills Nash, Jethro Tull, Led Zep, Hendrix, Sly Stone, Yes, Steely Dan, Emerson Lake & Palmer, and other immortals. Also known for his cribbage prowless, he will normally introduce himself as, "Nelson's my name, cribbage is my game."

The Doctor's main solid wood guitars are a Taylor 314ce six string and a 1972 Guild D-112 twelve string. His keyboard is manufactured by Ensoniq and played through a Roland amp. Stop in any music store and you find The Doctor in a corner dreaming about his next purchase with all of the top brand name guitars and keyboards - just in case his lottery ticket scores.

Favorite Icehole song:
"You can't beat four-part harmony, listening or performing. That's why my favorite Ice Hole songs are 7 Bridges Road by the Eagles and the blue grass version of Fat Bottom Girls by Queen."

These are songs that The Doctor feels are based in sound philosophy. You don't need to be fully clothed to listen to these:

"All of the rage and none of the calories" by the Righteous Mothers
"Ballad of George Burn's doctor" by Dr. Joe
"Can blue men sing the whites" by Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band
"Is it peace or is it prozac" by Cheryl Wheeler
"Let's unplug uncle Joe" by Barry Rabin
"Spent my last $10 on birth control and beer" by Two Nice Girls
"The F chord song" by Mark Cohen
"This offer is unrepeatable" by Elvis Costello
"Why forgive and forget when you can remember and blame" by Marcie Taylor


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