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Q: How can I book the Ice Holes?

Just e-mail any of the Ice Holes to inquire about getting your next party or event hoppin' with a live show from the band!

Matt Tews: ..... Matt@TheIceHoles.com 
Brian Ruhl:   Brian@TheIceHoles.com
Roy Nelson:   Roy@TheIceHoles.com
John Crane:   John@TheIceHoles.com

Q:  How much does it cost to book an Ice Hole performance?

The Ice Holes price each of their performances on a sliding scale relating to the venue capacity, expected size of the audience, schedule availability and proximity to water. Their 2022 rates, fees and applicable taxes are presently less than those for comparable bands such as Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band, Foghat, James Taylor and Blondie.  Contact us for a non-binding quote for your event.

Q:  Does the band have specific requirements about the venues they play?

The band specifies the following for venues they play:

  • Stage Size
    The Ice Holes are (currently) a 4-piece, mostly-acoustic group. They require a stage area that is a minimum of approximately 15-feet wide by 8-feet deep.  The stage surface should be relatively level and clear of debris.  Additional charges apply for stages which: include water hazards, have insect infestations or other animal habitats, are submerged (or partially submerged) in any liquid, or are elevated more than 20 feet vertically (as measured from nearest dancing surface).
  • Stage Location
    The Ice Holes prefer stage locations that are slightly elevated (1-2 feet) and in plain, unobstructed view of the audience.  Additional charges apply for performances where the stage area is located where the audience cannot see (nor hear) the band. Restrooms, closets, attics, and kitchens are locations that typically incur additional fees.
  • Sound and Power Requirements
    The band currently performs using it's own PA and can bring some lighting if needed. We typically require two (2) circuits rated at least 20 amps each.  House sound and lighting may be substituted, if the venue owners prefer. The band currently does not tour using two (2) Baldor MODEL TS250-S trailer-mounted generators, due to excess amounts of ambient noise.
  • Hours of Operation
    The Ice Holes request that any venue or establishment be 'open for business' when the band performs.  Additional charges will be assessed to facilities which are 'closed for business' or otherwise prevent an audience from attending the performance.

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